Temtop M10+ Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor for CO2, AQI, PM2.5, VOC Temperature & Humidity with App

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  • All-Inclusive Air Quality Assessment: The M10+ meticulously tracks CO2 levels, fine particulates (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also measures temperature and humidity, encapsulating all vital aspects of indoor air quality.
  • Real-Time App Connectivity: Utilize the Temtop app for real-time air quality updates, historical data analysis, and convenient device calibration, all from your smartphone.
  • Extended Battery Life through Innovation: Thanks to an energy-efficient algorithm and the e-ink display, the M10+ achieves up to 60 days of battery life, minimizing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring continuous air quality monitoring.
  • Precision Engineered for Accuracy: Advanced sensors deliver precise readings of air pollutants and climate conditions, ensuring reliable and actionable air quality information.
  • Silent Monitoring & Alerts: The M10+ allows users to disable the buzzer alarm, ensuring uninterrupted peace during air quality monitoring. This feature is particularly beneficial for night-time use, making it an ideal companion in bedrooms without disturbing your rest.
  • Major Upgrade in the Classic M10 Series: The M10+ represents a significant evolution of the classic M10 series, incorporating years of research into its design for advanced air quality monitoring.

Comprehensive Alert System
Simplified monitoring with a 3-color indicator and buzzer alarm. Clear visuals and audible alerts provide intuitive and prompt air quality insights.
Two Buttons, Total Control
Click or double-click for parameter display and automatic switching. The back button handles Bluetooth, buzzer, and temperature units effortlessly.
Eye-Caring E-Ink Display
M10+ cares for your eyes with an ultra-wide, backlit-free E-Ink screen. Enjoy crystal-clear text from any angle, keeping you informed at all times
Sleek and Chic
Elevate your home aesthetics with M10+. Its sleek and chic design complements the modern household, embodying simplicity with sophistication.

Temtop M10+ User Manual

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