Temtop Air Quality Monitor


Unfortunately, outside air quality is mostly out of our control as individuals. The amount of pollution billions of people produces every day, with their cars, factories, deforestation, etc… is a major problem beyond our knowledge. However, what we can do is to control the air quality indoors, inside our homes, and be aware of the air we breathe.

Temtop Air Quality Monitor

We spend most of our time inside, whether at home, schools, offices, etc.., and it is scientifically proved that indoor air quality has a higher level of pollutants than outdoors caused by the minimal airflow.

Although, it is never one thing, but is a combination of actions that will make the difference. The first step is to monitor, understand what the healthy levels of air pollution are and when your home needs proper ventilation. This should be combined with a series of actions, like turning on your air purifier, or your clean fan, select environmentally friendly cleaning products, be aware of the amount of garbageyou are producing, and ventilate and ventilate as much as you can.
Temtop Air Quality Monitor | Monitoring Your Air Anytime
Start by checking out Temtop air quality monitor. A smart, large screen monitor that detects particulate matter and carbon dioxide, with an additional reading of AQI. Temperature, humidity, and weather forecast are also part of its features. And all the monitoring can be done on your phone by using Temtop App. Small actions for bigger changes!
Intelligent Networked Air Quality Detector
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