Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5 PM10 HCHO Detector, with Audio Alarm, Temperature Humidity Display

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Temtop - Particle Detection Expert

  • 【7-IN-1 AIR POLLUTION MONITOR】This detector can detect PM2.5 PM10 Particles CO2 HCHO Temperature and Humidity
  • 【HIGH ACCURACY SENSOR 】Multi-functional Air Quality Monitor device with high precise electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, laser particle sensor, and carbon dioxide sensor based on NDIR
  • 【KEEN DETAILS】Featuring Audio alarm, colorful TFT display, ergonomic design, built-in rechargeable large capacity battery
  • 【FRIENDLY USAGE】Easy understanding user's interface
  • WIDELY APPLICATION】Ideal air quality detector for home, office, in the car, outdoor, and other environmental testing. Conforms to ISO quality standards. Purchase without worry, we offer 3 years warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee

Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor

Temtop M2000 is a device that can test the concentration of carbon dioxide and the number of particles in the air. It adopts a laser particle sensor and a carbon dioxide sensor based on NDIR detection theory and can transform the concentration of air pollutants to visual data directly, providing early air quality warnings for you and protecting the health of your family effectively.

Temtop M2000 Parameter

Model M2000
Dimension 73.5*139*37.5mm
Battery Voltage 3.7 VDC
Power Adapter Output Voltage: 5 VDC
Output Current: 1 A
Display TFT LCD Color Screen
PM2.5 Senser: Laser PM Sensor
Measuring Range: 0-999 ug/m3
Resolution: 0.1ug/m3
Accuracy: ±10 ug/m3(0-100ug/m3);±10%(100-500 ug/m3)
PM10 Senser: Laser PM Sensor
Measuring Range: 0-999 ug/m3
Resolution: 0.1ug/m3
Accuracy: ±15 ug/m3(0-100ug/m3);±15%(100-500 ug/m3)
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Senser: Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)CO2 Sensor
Measuring Range: 0-5000 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm
Accuracy: ±(50ppm + 5% reading)
Operation Environment Temperature Range: 0~50℃
Humidity Range: 0~90%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 1 atm

Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor Application

Temtop M2000 Features

Temtop M2000 2nd CO2 Air Quality Monitor 6 Monitoring Objects Temtop M2000 2nd CO2 Air Quality Monitor Multi-function Temtop M2000 2nd CO2 Air Quality Monitor Rechargeable Li-Battery
6 Monitoring Objects*
The Temtop M2000C 2nd Air Quality Detector allows you to take a reading of the CO2, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, and Humidity. Data could be formed into a histogram and displayed in real-time.

Data logging interval setting
Chart display/non-display settings
Alarm range setting
Alarm sound on/off setting
Time setting

Rechargeable Li-Battery*
Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, the air quality monitor can work continuously for at least 6 hours when fully charged.
Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor Self-developed professional sensors

Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor 3D Air Intake & Venting Design

Temtop M2000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor Package
Self-developed professional sensors*
Temtop develops and manufactures particle sensors that use state-of-the-art QSI laser diode technology and PSO algorithms to achieve high measurement accuracy.

3D Air Intake & Venting Design*
The large air inlet allows more air samples to be monitored, and the detection results are more accurate.

Package Included*
1 x Air Quality Detector
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Metal Suitcase

Temtop M2000 Related Documents

The difference between M2000 and M2000 2nd

Model M2000 M2000 2nd
Data Export Function /
HCHO Sensor

need to be used after calibration
Resolution 0.01mg/m3
Service life: 3 years

Service life: 5 years
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Si7020 series
Accuracy ±0.4℃, ±4%H
Swiss SHT3X series
Accuracy ±0.3℃, ±2%H
CO2 Sensor China Weisheng
Accuracy ±50ppm+5%
Lifetime 5 years Range 400-5000ppm
Swedish S8 series
Accuracy 40ppm ±3%
Lifetime 15 years
Range 400-5000ppm, up to 10000ppm range
( S8 sensor has accuracy guaranteed at 400-5000ppm accuracy is not guaranteed between 400-5000ppm or 5000-10000ppm )


temtop m2000
LKC-1000E LKC-1000S LKC-1000S+ LKC-1000S+ 2ND M2000 M2000 2ND
SIZE 177*65.5*32MM 177*65.5*32MM 177*65.5*32MM 177*65.5*32MM 73.5*223.5*37.5MM 73.5*223.5*37.5MM
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